Being a Doula is both an honour and a blessing.  I feel privileged to support Mamas and their families along the path of the Childbearing year.


 Bringing the Beauty back to Birth

WellMama- We are a group of women who believe in the importance of nourishing the wellbeing of mothers and their babys’, offering loving support during the Childbearing Year.

Samara, together with Holly and Nono started The WellMama Way in 2013, we are the WellMama Team.  We  are supported by the WellMama Community of Childbirth Professionals, students, colleagues, mamas and their families who enjoy our offerings and services.

WellMama has grown from the belief that mothers need a community of other women in order to truly be supported through the transformational journey of pregnancy and birth. WellMama’s practice, teaching and workshops all reflect this natural human need for connection which is so vital in the childbearing year.

WellMama works with mama’s and their families as well as training Doulas, running Pregnancy Shiatsu courses and Birth conferences. Our aim is to support positive, informed pregnancy, birth and breatsfeeding dialogue, to guide the family in their journey to empowered birth.


Well Mama offers a professional holistic doula training that encourages confidence, supports intuition and celebrates birthing in beauty.

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Samara has over 20 year experience as a Doula and Doula Trainer. Read more about her journey and her development of the Well Mama Way.


Shiatsu massage and touch are powerful tools for Doulas to include in their work. The  Well Mama Shiatsu training equips you with practical skills which can integrated into your work and offers another perspective on pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period which can enhance your practice.


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The Birth Circle offers a nurturing space where the holistic nature of conception, pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding can be explored, experienced, embodied and enjoyed.

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