About Samara


My Journey

Pregnancy was the first time I experienced the miraculous; a child growing within me, and it was the beginning of a beautiful journey into the unknown. During my pregnancy in South Africa, I was lucky enough to stumble across books such as “Childbirth without Fear” and “Spiritual Midwifery” which I read with growing wonder and delight. All of the information was new to me; I had never even considered the deeper journey of pregnancy and birth. The cheerful African midwives whom I visited regularly continued to support my growing understanding of pregnancy and birth as a normal, natural and beautiful process.
Coming back to the UK for the birth of my daughter, I was disturbed by my experience of the medicalisation of childbirth – I felt at times disempowered from my own inner knowing and wisdom when dealing with clinical professionals, and felt the lack of holistic, woman centred care.
During the birth of my daughter I experienced a feeling of deep connection with all women – an understanding of the honour of being a woman and experiencing the transcendental beauty of birth. When my daughter, Zania, was moments old, I gazed at her in my arms, and felt embraced in a field of deep love. I knew in that moment, beyond doubt, that my path in this life was to nurture the beauty of birth, to support women as they birth in beauty.  Since that moment my life has been a journey of developing a holistic approach to care during The Childbearing Year – The WellMama Way.

My first steps on the WellMama Way,  were as a mother myself, and all the learning of lifetimes embodied in caring for small children.  The next steps were training as a Zen Shiatsu Practitioner and then apprenticing with Suzanne Yates of “Well Mother”, progressing to teacher training and assisting Suzanne.
In 2001, an opportunity arose to be apprenticed to a Spiritual Midwife in Oregon, USA, and for two years I attended many home births, as well as helping with antenatal and post natal classes. Upon my return to Wales, I began work as a Doula and Birth Educator. I continued to soak up learning from such experienced practitioners as Michel Odent, Elena Tonetti, Elizabeth Davis and Ina May Gaskin.

My two boys, Brannoc and Taran, were birthed at home, and all my children are an inspiration to my practice and passion for positive birth and parenting.

I now have 20 years experience in exploring the Beauty of Birth. I love supporting women during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding and I have attended over 100 births, both near and far.
I have an affinity with loving touch, refined through the study of Shiatsu, and this supports me in creating a safe and intimate connection with the women, babies and families I work with.

I birthed the Well Mama organisation in 2015, and through her I offer Shiatsu for women and couples, Monthly Birth Circle Classes and “The Well Mama Way” Holistic Doula Training, as well Pre, Peri and Post natal Integrative Counselling.

I continue to learn from the women, babies and families I work with as well as ongoing studies and research. I am a mindfulness practitioner in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn, Taoist Trainer, TaiChi, Chi Kung and Shiatsu teacher and am training in Mizan Womb Therapy

I live surrounded by family, friends and community in the welsh hills, in a small roundhouse encircled by vegetable gardens and young orchards. In my heart I have a vision of a “birth house” manifesting here at “Bryn yr Blodau” where myself and other women can share skills, knowledge and experience whilst supporting pregnant and birthing mothers and their families in the natural environment. Women are already arriving to birth their babies here.

In January and February 2016 I will be supporting midwives in the Chinamhora Birth House in Zimbabwe, learning from the Midwives and Women in the village. Follow WellMama in Zimbabwe here.

Founder of “WellMama”,  I am blessed to support and nourish mothers, babies and families from all walks of life as they Birth in Beauty.

Nourishing and supporting the Childbearing year continually draws me into deeper and deeper communion with myself and other women. I have come to realise that as mothers we need a community of other women in order to truly be supported through this transformational journey. So my practice, teaching and workshops all reflect this natural human need for connection, which is so vital in the childbearing year.

Since the birth of my daughter over twenty years ago, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and babies have become my life’s passion, work, joy, gifts and purpose.
I have spent the greater part of my life’s path pregnant, birthing and breastfeeding my three children, or supporting other women who are pregnant, birthing or breastfeeding.  I continue to soak up knowledge and experiences around conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, and enjoying the many adventures this journey takes me on!
I am deeply grateful to experience this passionate calling to support mothers, babies and families from all walks of life during the transformational journey through birth and beyond. How a baby is born and how well a woman is treated as she gives birth sets the tone and is the matrix from which a child will grow into a future we have not yet imagined – Peace on Earth begins with Beauty in Birth.