The Birth Circle


Words cannot express the deep gratitude I feel for having had you by my side these past months, and at our birth.
Your love, warmth, wisdom, knowledge, skills and most of all your presence have been both huge and deeply welcomed.  I sensed right away when I met you that we would journey together and that you needed to be with me when we welcomed this beautiful being into the world.
And that night – I couldn’t have imagined anyone else supporting me in the loving and intuitive way that you did.

With deep gratitude, K, D and little W.

The Birth Circle offers a nurturing space where the holistic nature of conception, pregnancy,birth,breastfeeding can be explored, experienced, embodied and enjoyed.

Together we weave a sharing of our experiences, deepening body awareness with Primal Movements, and the practice of simple Well Mama Shiatsu, supporting conception pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding.

Birth is one of the most transformative experiences of life and an event that will be remembered lifelong. During the Birth Circle we explore the wonders of conception, pregnancy and birth and gain profound tools to understand each stage of this sacred of human experience, leaving you feeling prepared for the journey of birth. Birth Circle provides a sanctuary for you each month, in which you can connect with your baby, your partner and yourself, and be fully supported in what is unfolding for you. The information, tools, and mind-body practices offered will help you to trust your body and your instincts, and empower you to discern which choices will best serve the health, happiness, and well-being of you and your baby, celebrating your freedom to birth in beauty.

Gather with others on a similar journey as we explore the Childbearing Year.
We welcome women, their partners, doulas, midwives and breastfeeding mothers.
Birth Circles are held monthly at the  Narberth Natural Health Centre, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
11am – 4pm.
Cost –  £30 for individuals and £50 per couple
Half of all monies raised go to Domboshawa Birth House, Zimbabwe
Bring a lunch to share or if you like there are local cafes serving lunch.
B & B details available on request

Shiatsu for Mamas


Samara offers one to one Shiatsu sessions on Fridays between 10am and 3pm at the Natural Health Centre in Narberth.

Cost £45 per hour or £200 if you book 6 sessions.

To make an appointment call the Natural Health Centre on 01834 869 472